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Our Mission Statement
SMEC is a multilingual community that mirrors the world of the 21st century where the leaders, teachers, students, parents, and administrators work collaboratively to nurture caring and knowledgeable citizens. Our community members strive to think critically, communicate, and act both locally, by reflecting our cultural values, and globally, through intercultural understanding and respecting different perspectives.
To this purpose, our programs emphasize on individuals’ needs by implementing differentiation, conducting rigorous assessments, and promoting self-reflection.
In our community, it is learners who construct meaning through an inquiry-based holistic approach fostering a lifelong passion for learning. Their main concern is to strive for a better world as responsible global citizens.

Our vision
A school where everyone feels at home, a place where not only children, but also parents and colleagues enjoy coming to share their love for learning, a place where our children learn to face the challenges of the future with confidence, a place where we hear birds, find laughter and happy memories. A school where a holistic environment is that the service of a holistic curriculum that recognizes and enhances all the dimensions of children (social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual) and gives to its students a complete and balanced education so that they may be successful in their studies and all aspects of their lives. A school where everyone strives for excellence, that is, developing one’s inner potential.